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New products coming soon! Sign up for email to be the first to know! All clothing products are made from natural fibres. This is slow fashion at its comfiest! Enjoy comfortable long lasting apparel while doing your part to protect the environment! At Small Town Natural we believe in selling affordable eco-friendly sustainable clothing. Most of these products are made in Canada. Supporting High Quality Canadian Eco-manufacturers is our first priority! Eco-friendly apparel that is equally kind to your body and soul! Feel great this season in our organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, merino wool, other wool sports leisure wear! Pre-orders are a great way to prevent textile waste so we at Small Town Natural have embraced the pre-order way of reducing our environmental footprint. Just send us an email requesting the item name, quantity, and size we will order it just for you!

We love small towns! Small Town Natural posts regularly on facebook & instagram. We post about outdoor adventures in and near small towns in Canada. On our website you can read twice monthly our detailed blog posts on outdoor adventures.