Small Town Natural is the brainchild of an active outdoorsy miss adventurer! 

Small towns are natural for me! Having spent 45+yrs of my life living in various small towns;  

I proudly proclaim myself to be a small town natural!

Outdoorsy adventures in rural areas have always been my favourite past-time! I spend more time outdoors than indoors so wearing the right apparel is essential! Outdoor sports and activities have inspired this high quality line of clothing that is designed to be equally eco-friendly and comfortable! This is sportswear, sports leisure wear & everyday wardrobe essentials for the small town natural in you!

Our mission:

To introduce eco-friendly more sustainable clothing to consumers who have active outdoorsy lifestyles. We intend to educate and inform consumers on the merits of purchasing clothing and accessories made only from natural fibres!

Slow fashion with eco-friendly intentions! We do our very best to source clothing and accessories from Canadian manufacturers of high quality garments made mostly in Canada using natural materials such as wool, bamboo, hemp, cotton, linen, lyocell, silk, etc..

Small Town Natural is a new business that is located in Haliburton, Ontario but does not have a brick and mortar storefront. This is an e-commerce online store. This keeps our environmental footprint small. Selling clothing made from natural fibres with a main focus on eco-friendly clothing (eg. hemp, bamboo, wool). Most of our products are made in Canada. Obviously Canada is a colder climate country so the growing season is too short to grow the raw materials like bamboo and organic cotton or even hemp. It is sometimes more beneficial to the environment for our Canadian suppliers to have garments made in the countries where the raw materials are harvested and made into fabrics. To keep our carbon footprint as small as possible there are a lot of items that are pre-order to prevent textile waste. We also re-use and recycle shipping boxes from local businesses instead of purchasing new shipping materials. We do what we can but there is always room for improvement on reducing our environmental impact.

Eco-friendly apparel that is equally kind to your body and soul!

Let's all do our very best to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve our planet for future generations to enjoy!