Small Town Natural: Where to hike in Haliburton Highlands, ON, Canada (Part 2: Glebe Park)

Small Town Natural: Where to hike in Haliburton Highlands, ON, Canada (Part 2: Glebe Park)

Small Town Natural: Where to hike in Haliburton Highlands, ON, Canada (Part 2: Glebe Park)  visit:

Haliburton Highlands Glebe Park has many great options for walking in the woods! Discover the many trails with easy access right from the 2 parking lots.

There are three types of trails to walk or hike:

1. The Sculpture Forest is open all year round to walkers. Please keep off the nordic ski trails and obey signs for the walking trail in Winter.

2. The Nordic Ski Trails (only when no snow is left on the trails). Skiers only if any amount of snow is on the trails. We have a huge number of avid skiiers who will be out gliding along well after everyone else believes winter has ended. Be respectful and do not walk the trails until there is no snow.

3. The MTB cycling Single Track Trails are open to walkers and hikers as well as cyclists Spring Summer and Fall. Cyclists have the right of way because it is easier for a walker/hiker to get off of the trail to allow bikes to pass than the other way around.

See below for more detailed information on each type of trail at Glebe. There are rules of etiquette to follow so everyone can enjoy their outdoor experience. This is a great place to walk your dogs (on leash).

1. The Sculpture Forest:


With many beautiful sculptures to appreciate and read up on this is a very interesting walk! This is a very wide walking path. Wide enough for a car but no cars allowed to drive through this path.

There is a dock in the summer months with bench seating for you to enjoy the view of Head lake and a view of the village of Haliburton across the small lake.

2. Nordic Ski Trails:

The photo below is of the nordic ski trails that for 3 seasons provide great winding and hilly walking. Approximately 3 k.m. into your walk you will find caution tape across the trail. Obey the tape across the trail. People are to stay off of private property during Spring, Summer, and Fall. There are plenty of k.m. of ski trails to walk without that section. That portion of the Winter nordic ski trails is privately owned and used for the owner's purpose 3 seasons of each year. The owner has graciously allowed the Nordic ski club to groom + use the ski trails there in Winter only. As you will see in the attached photo the trails look like a gravel road but they are not. There are no cars allowed on the nordic ski trails even in the off season. These roads have many large rocks and pot holes and wet areas. There are no ATV trails in Glebe Park. No unauthorized motor vehicles allowed. Only walking trails and MTB trails for Spring, Summer, and Fall.

3. MTB bicycle and hiking trails:

The photo below is of one of the easier MTB trails that can be walked (Beware of very fast bike riders!) Bicycles have the right of way. It is much easier for a walker/hiker to get off the trail when they meet than a bicycle. No motor nor throttle bikes allowed on Glebe park trails.

Before or after your walk you can visit the Museum to delve into the history of Haliburton Highlands. Fee= by donation.

There is a water station with drinking fountain and a dog bowl in front of the museum. Fill up your bottle and hydrate as you hike!

A group of volunteers maintain all these trails so please be respectful. Donations are appreciated!

Garbage bins are available in 2 places at the trail head near the information signs.

1x outhouse style washroom available (municipally maintained daily)

Picnic tables: There are approximately 3 picnic tables and a couple benches in the main stadium area of the park.

Cell reception: Spotty. Mostly 2 bars but some places only one bar

Parking: is at the end of Bayshore drive/Museum rd as well as at Fleming College if coming from the other side of town (off county rd 21 from direction of Minden)

Have fun out there!

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