Small Town Natural: Exploring little known sports (Part 1: Skiking)

Small Town Natural: Exploring little known sports (Part 1: Skiking)

Small Town Natural: Exploring little known sports (Part 1: Skiking)

Some of you may have seen my social media posts about this sport in May this year. This blog post gives you a lot more detail on what Skiking is and where to go, as well as what equipment you need and where to buy these great roller sport Skikes in Canada! I have been Skiking since I bought these in 2015. I have had many failures as well as successes and can give an honest experienced opinion on the pros and cons of Skikes. Read on if you want to know more!

In these pics I am Skiking at Head Lake Park in the very early morning hours (6:30 a.m.) I try not to Skike at busy times of the day. In fact if I arrive and there are more than a dozen people walking the paved path I choose to walk instead of Skiking. I go at times of day when there are very few people in the park to be courteous to the dog walkers etc.. Haliburtonians are not used to seeing rollerskis in use so it can be startling. If I am rolling towards people who have their backs to me I call out a cheerful "Hello! Rollerskis behind you! I will pass on your Right." Usually they ask me about the sport as I cruise on by and are surprised by how I stop. Leaning back ever so slightly puts the brake on the rear wheel.

Skikes are more practical in areas where you do not have perfectly smooth blacktop pavement to use. Skikes handle cracks in pavement and uneven pavement better than roller blades or rollerskis. Our pavement in cottage country tends to be that cheaper pavement not blacktop. If I roller blade this cheaper pavement my feet go numb in about 15 mins from all the vibrations passing thru my roller blades to my feet (even if I use softer wheels). It is much like ice skating on lake ice on hockey skates. Too bumpy to enjoy. Skikes are supposedly good on gravel but I strongly disagree! Any loose gravel is a problem. Hard packed gravel may be ok but you have to skike staring at the ground so if you hit loose gravel you dont get pitched forward when your wheel suddenly stops. Skikes do roll slowly on short cut grass but it isn't enjoyable. It is like trying to walk thru thick mud without losing your rubber boot. 

In the small town (well maybe not anymore..huge retired population there as of late) Brighton has a beautiful park! I have had recent experience this June skiking at Presque'ile Prov Park.

That was fun! The waterfront trail that leads to the lighthouse and back to the main gate is smooth enough for skiking. I would only recommend this in the off-season though. The cycling path would be very busy with cyclists in summer which could cause dangerous situations if anyone gets impatient.

Bobcaygeon (photos above) is another small town with a great spot to skike or roller blade (with soft wheels) Bobcaygeon Beach Park has a very recently paved walkway that would be great for this sport in the off-hours of the day (before 8am and after 7pm ideally). No signs posted saying you can't but please do not go during busy hours or this may change.

To use skikes you need a slip on running shoe that has a thin sole (if it has a thick sole you won't be able to do up the straps that hold the skike on your shoe+foot). Put all protective gear on 1st: Helmet, thick gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, sunglasses. Then lay your skate ski poles beside the skikes within reach as you will need them for balance when putting on the 2nd skike. Next step 1 foot into a skike and tighten the velcro strap as tight as you can stand it without hurting your foot. If too loose you will lack control and will cause foot cramping. Repeat these steps to put 2nd foot in the other skike. Then grip the ski poles and push the poles into the grass or gravel beside the paved path you will skike on. Then start the ice skating motion. If you are a beginner watch a few youtube vids 1st. Another thing for a beginner to get used to skikes just push yourself forward with the ski poles and get used to how the skikes roll before attempting to skate. Be safe! Most of all have fun!

I recently discovered at great Canadian business that has proven to have exceptional customer service! No, I have not and will not be paid to advertise for them. I just think as a small biz owner it is important to recognize excellence in Canadian owned and operated businesses! I ordered replacement tubes for my skike wheels and was very pleased with this company for excellent and timely replies to my questions and their fast and efficient customer service. I received my order in just a few days and it came all the way from Quebec! If you are considering buying Skikes I recommend

I prefer to skike wearing all natural clothing for breath-ability and sweat absorption. I find I sweat a great deal less in natural fibre fabrics like Bamboo or Hemp than synthetics. Hemp and Bamboo have natural ability to regulate your body temperature. Both fabrics keep you warm when your body needs warmth (to a certain degree) and definitely keep your body much much cooler than synthetic materials. Consider checking out our selection of all natural fibre ath-leisure wear and work-out wear at

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