Small Town Natural answers the question: Why Buy Hemp clothing?

Small Town Natural answers the question: Why Buy Hemp clothing?

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Small Town Natural answers the question: Why buy Hemp clothing? 

Benefits of Hemp clothing:

Other than, it looks great and feels great..

Small Town Natural model Morgan wearing black HALI ON! hemp track jacket

- easy care and biodegradable

- becomes softer with wear and laundering

- 99% natural UVA + UVB protection

- resists odour causing bacterial growth and mildew

- hypoallergenic

- body temperature regulating, means: it keeps you cool or warm depending on your body’s needs

- hemp fabric has excellent breathability

- hemp has 4 times the strength of cotton

- more durable than most fabrics

- hemp retains colour better than any other fabric

- more amorphous (meaning: holds its shape) better than most fabrics

- historically it is the 1st natural fibre to be cultivated

- grows almost anywhere, meaning almost all types of soil and hemp even cleans contaminated soil it is planted in

- requires no pesticides and no fertilizers

-needs very little water to grow ( compare cotton vs hemp: cotton needs 5280 (US)gallons vs hemp needs 80 (US)gallons

- hemp grows fast (approx. 120 days from seed to harvest) and has one of the lowest carbon footprints of any other fabric (can grow in poor soils so it doesn’t take up precious food growing farming land)

-hemp can produce up to 250% more fibre than cotton; when harvested from the equivalent land size that grows cotton. WOW! 250%

-hemp fabric is water absorbent which makes it great for sports apparel (absorbing up to 25% of its own weight in water)

-hemp can be farmed on the same fields for 20+ years without soil depletion. In fact hemp if dried on the field it was harvested from.. can return up to 60% of the minerals it consumes during growth

-absorbs more CO2 than trees 3-6 tonnes per acre vs 1-3 tonnes by trees

So to sum up: Why buy Hemp clothing? The short answer is:

It is better for your body and better for the environment! Look smart be smart!

Small Town Natural male model Jonas sports 'Cool' cycle hat and 'Roads' cycle hemp track jacket

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Natural fibre fabric is a great choice for workout wear for all the reasons listed above! 

Small Town Natural only sells natural fibre clothing. Although it is at the moment very difficult to find natural fibre raw materials and fabric that is made here in Canada; we keep researching and hoping that one day we can offer Only Canadian harvested, and manufactured fabrics. For now we do our best to find Canadian designers and manufacturers of mostly made in Canada garments. Some garments are made in China due to proximity to raw materials and fabric manufacturers. Thus keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible.

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