Small Town Natural Adventures: Where to Snowshoe (Glebe Park in Haliburton County, Ontario)

Small Town Natural Adventures: Where to Snowshoe (Glebe Park in Haliburton County, Ontario)

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Snowshoeing ( Glebe Park in Haliburton County, Ontario)

Small Town Natural is happy to help our community and its visitors find great places to do their favourite outdoor activities! Today's topic is Snowshoeing:

Our outdoorsy miss adventurer has personally used all of the below mentioned snowshoe trails and locations. Details like; driving directions, parking, washrooms, rentals, signage, cell reception, etc. will be listed for each location. Future blog posts will provide information on other places to snowshoe, in and near small towns.

Winter Hike Haliburton Festival: Each year Haliburton County, Ontario, Canada has hosted the "Hike Haliburton Festival". In recent years they have added a winter version for snowshoers. See this link for more information:

Where to snowshoe in Haliburton County:

1. Glebe Park forest trails: Haliburton village, ON: Glebe park just outside of the village of Haliburton, Ontario: off of either County Rd 21 onto Industrial park drive to Fleming college drive ending at the parking lot; or turn left off Hwy#118 onto Bayshore to Museum rd. follow until it ends at museum parking lot. Both parking areas are approximately 5mins drive from the village of Haliburton.

Glebe Park Haliburton Highlands ON signs with maps

Note* these are multi-use trails not designated snowshoe only, share the trails with fat bikers. Proper etiquette is to step off of the trail to allow fat biker to pass. A biker cannot simply go off the trail. Think what it would be like to ride a bike into a large pile of sand. That is what it is like to go off trail in snow and this can damage the trail and the bicycle. So this is why snowshoers are to step off the trail to allow bikers to pass. It's a courtesy and kindness thing. 

Please read the signs at entrance to both parking areas for trail maps and more information. Fat biking trails are the same as snowshoe trails. All trails have signage at trail heads and trail ends. These trails can be snowshoed in both directions just abide by snowshoer etiquette. Stay OFF of the cross country/ Nordic ski trails! Only cross ski trails where designated by signage! Skiers have the right of way!

Snowshoe trail etiquette sign at trail head Glabe Park

-rentals are available at the Museum when it is open (fee: a donation by cash or card) many different sized snowshoes available from children's to adult. Donations of unwanted functional snowshoes are welcome.

-Free parking for approx. 12 vehicles in Museum rd parking lot and currently parking for approx. 6 vehicles at Fleming College parking lot (due to construction. After construction there is likely to be parking for 30 vehicles or more).

-1 outhouse style washroom that is clean and well maintained by municipality all year round

-3 garbage bins (critter proof tidy bins) all year round maintained by municipality

- 1 or 2 picnic tables and benches at both parking lot entrances as well as several benches throughout the sculpture forest (these benches are pieces of art that you are welcome to sit on).

- cellphone reception is medium (medium= 3 bars in most places on trails)

Glebe Park in Haliburton, ON. Snowshoe trails through forest Feb 2024

-for others in your party who do not snowshoe there are several other things to do at Glebe. Bring your cross country/ Nordic skis and buy a day pass or full membership to ski the machine groomed and track set ski trails. Bring your fat bike Tire size 4" or larger. Please NO mountain bikes until snow is completely gone. Fat bikes and snowshoers share trails. Or take a walk through the pioneer village and or the sculpture forest (just please stay off groomed ski trails follow signs for walkers). Snowshoes can be borrowed from the Haliburton Highlands Museum; fee= a donation by cash or card. Glebe park truly has something for everyone! There is even a small toboggan hill!This is a volunteer maintained trail system. Thank-you to all volunteers who put in the hours for trail maintenance!

Note* There is also the Haliburton Highlands Museum for those who prefer an indoor activity explore the history of Haliburton. Admission= by donation.

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