Small Town Natural Adventures: MTB trails in and near Haliburton, Ontario

Small Town Natural Adventures: MTB trails in and near Haliburton, Ontario

Glebe Park and The West Side: Is the home of Haliburton Mountain Bike Club. Get your membership before you ride the trails! Only $25 per person for the whole year! Visit: There is also a donation box at the MTB trail map on the Fleming College Parking lot side of Glebe Park. The trail system is also on and you can donate thru Trail Forks.



Before or after your ride you can visit the Museum to delve into the history of Haliburton Highlands. Fee= by donation. And/Or take a walk around the pioneer village buildings and pioneer steam engines also at Glebe Park close to the new Fleming Residence buildings.

There is a water station with drinking fountain and a dog bowl in front of the museum. Fill up your bottle and hydrate as you bike/hike!

A group of volunteers maintain all these trails so please be respectful. Donations are appreciated!

Garbage bins are available in 2 places at the trail head near the information signs.

1x outhouse style washroom available (municipally maintained daily)

Picnic tables: There are approximately 3 picnic tables and a couple benches in the main stadium area of the park.

Parking is at the end of Bayshore drive/Museum rd as well as at Fleming College if coming from the other side of town (off county rd 21 from direction of Minden)

The West Side (Outside of Glebe Park but linked through a trail): This group of trails are accessed through Glebe Park via snowmobile trail and single track. Check Trail Forks for details. These trails are not as old as the Glebe single track trails so they are less rooty and rocky but still full of challenges! There are also some new 'flowier' mtb single track trails in The West Side.

Get your (H.M.B.C.) Haliburton Mountain Bike Club membership (Only $25 for the entire year!) or day pass at  Then ride! Ride! Ride! You will find large signs with map and details for the mtb trails at both entrances to Glebe Park. Also there is a donation box and QR code that takes you to the website to purchase a membership/day pass. Support the HMBC through purchases of Hali Rocks apparel at Small Town Natural

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