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Small Town Natural: Where to go Fat biking in Cottage country Ontario! (Part 2: Bracebridge Resource Management Centre in Muskoka)

Fat biking is a great alternative when conditions are not good enough for skiing nor skating outdoors! Small Town Natural’s outdoorsy miss adventurer has thumbed her nose at the weather by continuing to ride a bicycle! Fat bike, actually! Unlike B.C. and the Maritime provinces, Ontario is slow to catch on to this great sport. The trail systems are far and few between in Ontario. So I have decided to write this blog to help riders find places to fat bike. Read on for locations of trails in cottage country Ontario (Part 2: Bracebridge Resource Management Centre in Muskoka). Check out our eco-friendly clothing line!

Bracebridge Resource Ctr fat bike trailBracebridge, ON: Bracebridge Resource Management Centre (BRMC), ON. Approximately 10mins. Drive from downtown Bracebridge. Located just off Hwy #11 North of Hwy#118 exit heading towards Huntsville.

-Rating= Blue and Black (Note the summer mtb trails differ from the winter fat bike trails. Please obey signs!)

-2 parking lots right hand turns off Hwy #11 North and the 1st is the easiest to be able to turn left onto Hwy#11 South.

-Bracebridge Resource Centre is located directly across the highway from the former Ministry of Natural Resources building.

-This trail system is maintained by MORCA Muskoka’s mountain bike club. or go directly to BRMC info

Please purchase a membership to help keep these trails open and well maintained. Volunteers maintain and trail build. Equipment is required to help do this so your membership helps pay the bills! Muskoka Off Road Cycling Association (MORCA) has posted signs at both trailheads at both parking lots to inform riders of the rules and map for winter trails. Note* these are also cross-country / Nordic ski trails. Please DO NOT ride down the ski trails! If you must cross a ski trail please do so at a 90 degree angle so as not to ruin the ski trail. Be respectful and be kind. Think of others. Stick to the trails designated for winter fat biking. Beware! The summer trails may differ from the winter trails.

-Machine groomed (volunteers using a Snow Dog)

-Outhouse style washrooms (as indicated on MORCA BRMC map)

-No garbage bins. Take your garbage home with you!

-Picnic tables (although there may be a picnic table shelter at the end of “pine peddler” it is open during summer for mtb trail riders but may not be accessible in winter by fat bike trails) See MORCA website for details

-No water fill stations

-No rental equipment of any kind available onsite

Find more information on the MORCA website regarding trail conditions and information.

Most of all! Have fun!

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